Okay, Another Crock Pot Blog?

Last January I was inspired to purchase a crock pot after several FaceBook friends started posting about the delicious meals they were making with their newly purchased (or dusted off) slow cookers.

It had been several years since I really spent any time looking through recipes and cooking with a variety of ingredients mainly because of time constraints so the idea of the crockpot (or slow cooker) was really appealing to me.

So I did some research, and went off to Target, and purchased my 6 Qt Stay or Go Slow Cooker, and my crock pot odyssey began.

I was very surprised to discover how much I loved crock-pot cooking. Everything about it appealed to me, the ease, the inexpensive ingredients, the leftovers that can be frozen or brought for lunch throughout the week, and best of all, the yummy results I get to eat.

This blog is an attempt to share some of the delicious recipes and results. Most recipes are reworked from existing ones, adding or deleting ingredients I have or don’t have. I’ll include any references or resources that I use, I am not claiming any recipes as original or mine in authorship. This is a place of sharing, sharing what I have gathered up and what I have created in my own crockpot. This blog is a work in progress, I will be including some of the recipes I have previously made since January, and going forward, the recipes I am making….

Comments and questions are always welcome.